~'Text Adventure Rules'~

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~'Text Adventure Rules'~

Post  Sh-Rumia on Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:42 pm

In a text adventure, there are two kinds of participants.

Those participants are:

  • The Gamemaster, who runs the game.

  • The Players, who keep the game moving forward with the commands they input.

The Players input commands like so:

Walk down the long hallway.

Do we see anything nice?

To which the Gamemaster's response would be like so:

You walk down the long hallway, it's really dark in here.

You see several lovely family pictures, they must have been taken before the manor was abandoned.

As you can see, the Players indicate how they'd like the story to go, and the Gamemaster completes those requests while moving the story along.

I hope you use this brief tutorial to polish your adventuring skills.

Happy Adventuring, to all of you,

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Re: ~'Text Adventure Rules'~

Post  jbsnv on Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:21 pm

well thats how you do it thats fine but i do it like this

* an action of players or people go here *

( talking to other players or gm here )

" talking in character "


name of person : " the person is talking here but this person is not a player "

person name < an action of that person is doing> person name < an action that another person is doing right after the other person did it or it is the previous action>


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